With the advent of digital technology and easy accessibility to information, every year, more than 80% of patients use the internet for a health-related search. This makes it especially convenient for a patient to self-diagnose any general symptoms that they may be experiencing, as well as be influenced by various social support systems to attempt self-medication, without consulting a Doctor First.

In most cases, symptoms of one medical condition may overlap with many other diseases. Such information can be misleading; it can do more harm than good to one’s physical & mental health.

Why #DoctorFirst?

Doctor First is a public healthcare initiative by Neuberg Diagnostics to educate the community on the importance of visiting a Doctor First to diagnose a medical condition, rather than looking for information on the internet, self-diagnosing and thereafter self-medicating which can be hazardous.

The #DoctorFirst initiative aims at breaking the vicious cycle of having symptoms and buckling under the pressure of well-meaning, but often misleading suggestions and advice of the internet, family members, peers or well-wishers. The process of self-medicating or trying umpteen remedies for symptoms, could consequently lead to worsening of symptoms and a delay in corrective treatment.

Neuberg Diagnostics, leading from the forefront with the #DoctorFirst initiative, aims at creating awareness and understanding among people, the need for accurate and early diagnosis and thus timely intervention and treatment to ensure best possible outcomes for the patient & Doctors.

Helmed by Neuberg Diagnostics, this initiative bridges the gap between Doctors & Patients, by educating the community to visit a Doctor First to diagnose a medical condition.

Acknowledging the importance and need of medical professionals, the #DoctorFirst movement, provides Doctors an opportunity to diagnose early, tailor best treatment options for faster recovery and leading to a better quality of life. Simultaneously, patients get the advantage of factual, authentic & reliable information about their medical condition as well as support and care of their Doctors rather than dealing with the mental stress all on their own.

Before you take someone else’s prescription, ask your DoctorFirst.

Recent scientific data strongly indicates the perils of self-medication such as developing tolerance & resistance to various drugs. Therefore, it is imperative that people stop consuming medicines without consulting a medical practitioner.

For any health related queries, consult your #DoctorFirst

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